Why You Should Purchase An Accordion From Accordion-O-Rama

For sixty-three years we have provided expert advice on sales, have a huge selection of new and rebuilt (used accordions that we have gone over and we offer with a guarantee) accordions, and we give a pre-sales service to all of our accordions.  Most new accordions need some service in order for them to play properly.  At Accordion-O-Rama, we want to make sure that you get an instrument that will be trouble-free for years.  By giving a pre-sales service to your accordion, we try to ensure that you have a trouble-free experience and do not have to return your accordion for factory service.  Nothing is more annoying than buying a new instrument, having a problem, and having to return it for factory service.  You want to get your instrument and be able to play it period.  You do not want to have to return it and not have it for a couple of weeks.  Hohner warrantees their accordions for three months.  Accordion-O-Rama doubles Hohnerís warranty from three months to six months (aside from abuse).  We stock the full line of Hohner accordions and in most cases can ship the same day.  Many dealers do not stock these accordions, never see them, only drop ship them to you.  If the Hohner warehouse is out of stock on an accordion, they may not be able to ship for weeks.  Their prices may be low, but so is their service.  We have experts in tuning, mechanical repair, and electronic repair.  Accordion-O-Rama can expertly install microphones in your accordion if you want them.  We know how to pack an accordion properly so that damage is not done to it in transit.  We do not accept orders on the internet because we want to talk to you and make sure that you are getting the accordion that is right for you.  We have many repeat customers because we are the experts in