Don't buy Polytone Amps!  They take your money and never send you the amplifers! We prepaid for eleven amps from them in April 2011.  They have sent one!  We are not the only ones that they have done this to.  Dealers and individuals beware! Mr. Tommy Gumina may have been an talented accordion player but his company is defrauding people of their money.  If they resolve this problem we will let you know.


140 watts RMS
Active bass, mid, treble controls
Master Volume and Master Reverb
3 independent channels 6 inputs
2 Inputs per channel Hi & Lo
3 spring Hammond Reverb
Boost / Cut switch for highs
RS Modulator (Chorus) Ch 1
Effects Loop
Stereo jack for RS Modulator On/Off and Chorale/Fast
Jacks for Preamp Signal Out, external
speaker and headphones
Heavy duty 15 speaker with 2 horns for attenuation
Tough black covering
Steel mesh grill
Wheels and dual footswitch
Dimensions: 20 H x 18 W x 12 D
Approximate weight: 38 lbs
Suggested Retail Price:  $1,195.00
(Call for discounted prices.  Greater discounts given as part of a package.)

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