Don't buy Polytone Amps direct from polytone!  They take your money and never send you the amplifers! We prepaid for eleven amps from them in April 2011.  They have sent one!  We are not the only ones that they have done this to.  Dealers and individuals beware! Mr. Tommy Gumina may have been an talented accordion player but his company is defrauding people of their money.  If they resolve this problem we will let you know.



100 watts RMS
Active Tone Controls
: Bass and Polytone’s exclusive Harmonics
Volume, Boost/Cut (highs), Master Volume/Gain Controls
Ultra QUIET operation
POLYTONE’S  NEW RESONATOR Reverb – acoustically voiced.
2 Full range high compliance 4” speakers – warm as they can possibly
be and still have punch.
Constructed of heavy duty Baltic birch plywood (no molded plastic)
Acoustically transparent Grill
The MIGHTY-BRUTE is sensitive to the players style, unlike most amplifiers.
Dimensions: 8 ¼”H x12”W x 8 ½”D
Approximate weight: 12 lbs
Suggested Retail Price:  $795.00
(Call for discounted prices.  Greater discounts given as part of a package.)

New line of extension and powered cabinets available:
MIGHTY-BRUTE Extension – 2 x 4” speakers.  6 lbs.  Adds 30% more power
MIGHTY-BRUTE Sidekick – 2 x 4” speakers.  10 lbs. Adds 100W-total 200W

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